How To Write A Welcome Letter To New Tenants

How To Write A Welcome Letter To New Tenants

When you have new tenants, it is helpful to go above and beyond. A small but powerful gesture is to write a welcome letter, ensuring that you include as much information as possible to help the new tenant get settled in. The content of the letter is what is the most important. Someone new to the area would want to know about the community, such as locating the nearest schools, public facilities, churches, and other community staples. In addition, you could include all the extra amenities available to them on-site such as a playground, garage door opener instructions, laundry room, grilling areas, and more. Now, let’s dive into what is involved in a¬†welcome letter to new tenants.

What Is A Welcome Letter?

The main objective of this document is to give a warm and personal welcome to the tenant. This gesture will only serve to put you in good light and impress your tenant that you have gone to such lengths. It also serves to highlight certain accessible amenities, among other things, that any new tenant would want to know. It can even help you get good ratings and reviews online and offline. As owners, the options to make the tenant experience a memorable one are varied. Still, without a doubt, kindness and warm treatment are the most effective.

First impressions are crucial in the rental industry, and tenants will never forget something that went wrong. Therefore, in addition to ensuring your home is pristine when they arrive, including a welcome letter will show them how much you care as an owner about their accommodations. Of course, this type of writing can carry any content that you consider appropriate, but below are some of the keys to begin working on this document.

Introduction and Welcome Message

The first part of your welcome letter should include an introduction and a warm welcome to your tenants, wishing them a pleasant experience. It is good to have a ‘standard document’ like a template for any new tenant. You should include some detail about the specs of the apartment or home. 

Description Of The Accommodation

How To Write A Welcome Letter To New Tenants

The tenant should already know a few things about the accommodation. However, the information they can find on a website or advertisement is usually more generic and impersonal. As mentioned before, you should mention amenities and what the local community offers.

You can briefly describe what the apartment has and how any included technology works:

  • WiFi passwords
  • Where their mailbox is and how to obtain a key (if needed)
  • Smart device passwords and instructions
  • Garage door opener instructions

Emphasize the fact that you or your team are at their disposal for anything they may need. 

Your Contact Information

It would be ideal to include your contact information such as:

  • Phone number and contact name
  • Emergency and non-emergency numbers
  • Map of the area
  • Hours, if any, when they can reach you
  • The phone number for the property manager, if any
  • Other essential information specific to your accommodation

Details About Their Neighborhood

Details About Their Neighborhood

Go into detail about what the apartment complex or community offers. This information can prove handy, for example, when looking for the closest grocery store. 

“Dear tenant, you will find a small grocery store at the corner of 5th Street and Blain Boulevard. It usually has several basic necessities. However, if you want a full shopping experience, there is a supermarket a few miles down the road on 1234 Davis Street.”

If your home doesn’t come with laundry facilities, let them know where they can find a laundromat in the area. This detail can save you a good amount of text messages and calls, sometimes at untimely hours.

You can also include information about modes of transportation available and discuss places that you would recommend for them to visit or know about.


The closing of your welcome letter should express your best wishes while they are in your rental. You can also remind them that, if their experience is pleasant, they should let you know or write a good review for other people to see. Finally, it would help if you reminded them that they could call you for anything at any time.

The Bottom Line

Writing a welcome letter for your tenants is not only a nice gesture but can also serve to curb any questions they may have. Having a solid onboarding process is an excellent step in managing a successful rental property. This welcome letter can be set up as a sequence of emails for the tenant if you’re technology-forward. 

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