What is an Airbnb Superhost?

What is an airbnb superhost?

Nowadays, the Airbnb community considers superhosts as the best of the best. They provide superior service and receive exclusive benefits such as increased visibility, resulting in increased bookings. If you are considering becoming an Airbnb superhost or want to know more about what they are, this guide is for you. This post will go over what a superhost is, the importance of being a superhost, and tips on maintaining a superhost status.

What is an Airbnb Superhost? 

As per the Airbnb community, superhosts are “competent hosts who serve as a role model for other hosts and provide extraordinary guest experiences”. Airbnb superhosts are the best hosts the platform has to offer. They provide exceptional hospitality to guests and customers in exchange for some exclusive benefits from Airbnb.

Why is Being an Airbnb Superhost Important?

Becoming a superhost entitles you to a few exclusive benefits. They include:

Enhanced visibility

Why is Being an Airbnb Superhost Important?

As an Airbnb superhost, all your listings also become prominently featured in search results, emails, and other marketing campaigns. Notably, sites allow users to narrow their search to “superhosts only,” significantly increasing the likelihood that prospective customers will see your ad. Additionally, you will also receive a badge on your listing page to notify Airbnb guests of your credentials.

Earnings increase

Though Airbnb does not disclose how much more a host can earn by becoming a superhost, one can surmise that the increased earnings come from the increased visibility. Often, visibility results in higher occupancy rates, which results in more significant revenue.

Additional rewards

Airbnb, in particular, offers two distinct incentives to its superhosts. Superhosts benefit from increased referral bonuses. Airbnb compensates hosts who refer their friends and family to the service. Superhosts earn an additional 20% on top of the regular referral bonus.

Exceptional assistance

At some point, we have all had to wait in line to receive support services. Airbnb superhosts are not required to worry about this since Airbnb provides support. Superhost status expedites the process for hosts who need assistance from Airbnb. On the phone or via Twitter, Airbnb superhosts can be confident that they will receive a response from the household share company when they require it.

Travel incentives

This one is less beneficial to the Airbnb business and more of a personal gift to you. If you retain superhost status for an entire year and have a listing on the anniversary date, you will receive a $100 coupon to splurge on your own trip.

5 Tips and Reminders for Being an Airbnb Superhost

Becoming and retaining an Airbnb superhost status is not easy. We have compiled a list of five hosting tips to help you boost your review rating and increase your prospects of becoming an Airbnb superhost. With superhost evaluations occurring only once every three months, you will have to be as ready as possible when the quarter’s first evaluation occurs.

These tips and reminders for being an Airbnb superhost will come in handy if you are already familiar with the requirements for becoming a superhost.

Always use high-quality listing images.

Airbnb makes no requirements regarding a host’s listing or listing photos. However, it is a well-known fact that having high-quality images for your listing will increase your bookings. Additionally, numerous high-quality photographs of your home and its rooms properly set guests’ perceptions for their visit, assisting you in avoiding surprise negative reviews. If you are keen to learn how to take better listing photos for your Airbnb, you can look at these tips on how to take better Airbnb listing photos.

Effectively communicate with your guests.

Airbnb superhost communicate effectively with their guests.

Proper guest communication is one of the simplest ways for a host to avoid a bad review from guests. You must constantly respond to your guests to ensure you meet the Airbnb superhost requirement of a minimum response rate of 90%. It is equally important to respond promptly to demonstrate to your guest that you are actively attempting to resolve any issues or concerns. Sending an early message following check-in can assist unsure guests in bringing up any problems they may have overlooked. This allows you to resolve problems quickly and earn a higher review score.

Thrill visitors by automating your houses

Automating your residence is an excellent way to please your visitors. Automation offers a seamless check-in and stays experience. Create a guest guidebook that details your home’s various amenities. Or utilize Key Cafe’s key exchange services to enable self-check-in. These simple activities contribute significantly to reducing confusion and ensuring visitors enjoy their stay.

Cancel reservations only when necessary

This implies that if you cancel even one reservation that does not fall under one of Airbnb’s extenuating circumstances, you must host at least another 99 stays to regain superhost status. Cooperate with a co-host to ensure that you honor all your reservations. You should understand Airbnb’s cancellation policies and host penalties, including special circumstances for cancellations.

Ask your guests to leave reviews.

After each Airbnb stay, hosts are frequently unsure how to ensure that their satisfied customers leave a great response. Because many guests overlook the importance of leaving reviews, it can be challenging for hosts to achieve the 4.8 minimum rating required to become an Airbnb super host. For hosts looking to increase their guest reviews, you can use this guide on how to ask guests for reviews.

Bottom Line

Acquiring the status of an Airbnb superhost can appear to be a daunting task. However, with some effort and a dedication to providing superior service, it is possible. Additionally, taking advantage of this opportunity may benefit both your bookings and your wallet. If you are considering making the leap to be a superhost, the tips above will assist you in getting started.

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