The Importance of Vacation Rental Marketing to Attract More Visitors

The Importance of Vacation Rental Marketing to Attract More Visitors

Effective vacation rental marketing should top the list of your business plans if you aim to reap significant profits from your property. You can have the most beautiful, well-maintained, and eye-catching property. Still, it will remain vacant most of the time without proper marketing. Surprisingly, an owner can fully book another less enticing property simply because its owners have adopted effective marketing strategies.

Some years back, marketers depended on traditional marketing methods such as TV and print media to advertise their properties to potential clients. These options have various disadvantages that can limit vacation rental owners. And, they are costly too.

Taking advantage of digital methods such as vacation rental listings will give you an upper hand. You can reach a wider audience while targeting the right market. In this post, we discuss the importance of vacation rental marketing, explain what listings are and some examples, and give you tips on how to create them.

Why Is Vacation Rental Marketing Important?

Why Is Vacation Rental Marketing Important?

The most apparent reason for marketing your vacation rentals is to get more bookings. Marketing exposes your property to many people, which, in turn, increases the number of bookings. The more you have guests coming to your property, the more profit you can make. Since the most significant part of a business is making profits, you should prioritize vacation rental marketing to reach a broader client base. And while marketing may cost you money, the money used will be far less compared to the profits you’ll make.

What Are Some Examples of Listing Sites?

Listing sites connect property owners or marketers to visitors. Properties are listed, and visitors have the option of searching for a suitable one by considering its location, features, and prices. Here are some of the most reputable vacation rental listings.


Airbnb is one of the largest vacation rental listing companies and serves people from around the world. The service doesn’t charge for listing a property. Instead, it sets a service fee for every booking made. How much a host will get charged depends on the location of their property.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor has been a leading online source for around two decades. It’s an ideal place to list your vacation rental due to its excellent brand recognition. Trip Advisor also hosts vacation rental sites like house trips and vacation home rentals. This means that when you list your property on their site, it will benefit from more exposure.


VRBO is a platform primarily preferred by property managers and vacation rental owners. The site has other affiliated sites such as TravelMob and Expedia, which means that it will get more exposure when you list your property there. VRBO has been in the market for several years now and is one of the best platforms to market your property and increase your chances of getting bookings.

How Listing Sites Work

How Listing Sites Work

You have probably heard about listing sites and don’t have an idea of how they work. Basically, as a property owner, all you need to do is create an account with the listings to post your property. The listing you post on the site has features like photos of the property, descriptions, and user profiles. You decide how much to charge for your property on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Customers visiting the site search the properties databases by type of property, location, prices, and amenities, among other features.

These sites charge differently. Most of them charge for every booking, meaning the property owner won’t pay for listing their property on the site.

How to Create a Great Listing

Start with A Strong Description

The description gives an overview of the property. Focus on its condition and style. Still, be honest about your property’s specs. If something is not there, don’t include it as one of the features to entice visitors, only to disappoint them much later.

Highlight the Unique Features

Don’t just include the usual things every property has. If there is something unique about your property, let’s say a fireplace in the master bedroom, highlight it. Someone might choose your property after getting enticed by a single thing they haven’t found in others.

Add Amazing Photos

Including quality photos can be a significant boost to your vacation rental business. Visitors want to see how a house looks like before they can make any bookings. Suppose your photos appear dull or taken from a poor-quality gadget. In that case, they are more likely to continue with their search for a better rental. Take high-quality photos that don’t have flaws. The best photos are taken when there is natural lighting. Add context to them by writing engaging captions.

Set Prices and Availability

Before setting up prices, do some research to avoid charging very high prices that will send visitors away or very low prices below the market value. Remember to always adjust the prices according to seasons, market price fluctuations, and events happening in your area. Always keep your calendar up to date to avoid double bookings.

Proper vacation rental marketing is crucial in bringing in visitors to your property all year round. While there are several marketing options you can choose from; listings are one of the most effective. They cover larger demographics, bringing in high traffic to your listings. You only need to avail your property, and they will bring in visitors.

Managing vacation rentals in South Florida can be tough. From marketing to management, it can be too much work, especially if you have several rentals or are engaged in other activities. At Dwellings Property Management, we will market your property using the most effective strategies and cater to the property’s accounting and maintenance. We also ensure that the visitors will take care of your home and comply with the set laws. Contact us today at 954-290-2941 for more information about our services.

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