Tips on Vacation Rental Guest Screening

Tips on Vacation Rental Guest Screening

As much as you want to fully book your vacation rental all year round, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong by doing vacation rental guest screening before you accept bookings.

While almost all guests who want to book your rental don’t have malicious intentions, it’s not always the case. Some may damage your property and make it inhabitable for several months, and or cause you to wrangle with your neighbors. Preventing that from happening is easy because you can verify prospective guests’ legitimacy and keep your property safe way before they come and occupy your property.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a few tips on screening your guests and gaining confidence that you are renting out your space to someone who will take care of it and leave it as they found it.

Typical Questions Travelers Might Ask (And Answers)

Tips on Vacation Rental Guest Screening

Travelers might ask some questions to get an idea of what they will experience during their stay in your property. Many of these questions will be straightforward, and you won’t have problems answering them. Below are some of the questions your guests might ask you.

Is Your Property Children-Friendly?

Guests with children will want to know if your property has child safety features such as child gates on stairs or whether the pool has a fence or not. Be honest with them and provide truthful information to avoid conflicts that may emerge due to this issue.

How Is Your Neighborhood?

A guest coming for work-related issues may not be comfortable in a noisy vacation rental from neighbors hosting wild parties at the wee hours of the night. Others may want to know if the neighbors are friendly or not. Give them the correct information about the state of your neighborhood so that they can make informed decisions.

Is Your Kitchen Equipped Fully?

Your definition of a fully equipped kitchen might be different from that of your guest. Asking for clearance is crucial to ensure you don’t provide them with misleading information, which could result in them giving you a bad review.

Questions Owners Should Ask Travelers

Questions Owners Should Ask Travelers

What Plans Do You Have for This Vacation?

Asking the guests about their plans for the vacation helps you know the experience you will have with them during their stay in your rental. If someone is coming for work-related agendas, they are less likely to cause chaos, but if they are coming to have fun or throw several wild parties, you might reconsider the thought of renting out your space to them.

Will You Have Company During Your Stay?

This might sound a bit personal, but you should not be afraid of asking. Some guests may not realize that they aren’t supposed to bring in other visitors apart from the ones they had initially listed.

Do You Have Questions About the Set Rules?

Any guest coming to book your rentals should read and understand the rules you have set. As the owner, you expect them to abide fully by the rules. Asking them if they have any questions ensures that they don’t go against them unknowingly and cause trouble. It also helps in dispute resolution if trouble arises since you’ll need to show evidence that you had already communicated to them what is acceptable and what is not.

Are You Ready to Pay the Security Deposit?

If you charge a security deposit on your vacation rental, make sure to ask the guests if they are comfortable paying it. A guest who is hesitant to pay the deposit might not be a good fit because if they do any damages to your property, you will have no money to fix the damages.

What Owners Should Know About Their Area

What Owners Should Know About Their Area

Many guests will want to know more about your area before getting committed. Some of the things they might want to know about include:

  • If there are grocery stores nearby
  • If there are any medical facilities nearby
  • How far your property is from a particular airport

Always have precise answers to such questions. Your guests will feel confident coming to your vacation rental when you prove that you are familiar with the area.

Exceptions Owners May Be Willing to Make

While screening every guest reduces the chances of allowing careless guests into your property, there are exceptions you can make. Maybe a guest had visited your premises before, and you did not experience any troubles with them. In this case, you can overlook the vacation rental guest screening process. Still, you can ask them for a security deposit just in case something happens.

Managing your vacation rentals and digging more about your guests can be daunting, and it requires a lot of time. At Dwellings Property Management, we can do everything for you, from listing your property on listing sites, screening guests before they book, checking whether they have done any damages to your property, to solving any conflicts that may arise. Contact us today at 954-290-2941 to learn more about our services.

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